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Learning when to give a shit and other workplace tips for success

I’ve discovered the secret to success at work is to figure out when to give a shit, and how much of a shit to give about it.

1) If you care too much about your work or project and you’re supposed to tread lightly and let dates slip and allow your team to just miss stuff and not remain accountable about their deliverables, you need to understand that.

Conversely if you need to ride your team hard and push for overtime, nights, weekends, that’s something you need to know too. The trick is for the same project, knowing which mode to follow, and when the appropriate time is for each mode.

2) Go out to lunch with people. I almost never do this to save money and because I love my alone time during the day and would rather read a good book than talk with most people on this planet

Never underestimate the power of beer. Attend happy hours, be friendly with your team and co-workers. They open up and bond a little more with you after some social lubricant.

Celiac Disease & Gluten Free

Today I learned that my kid has Celiac Disease. If one had to choose a disease, this would probably be the one to pick because it can be managed by avoiding gluten. Not much else to report. It’s nice to finally know because I’ve been waiting for his Dr to call now all week. We’ll meet with her (the GI Dr specialist) in a few weeks and then also meet a dietician. I’ve never met one. Maybe they can give me some good tips too. I’m going to walk in there eating a Big Mac, Fried, and a Super Sized Large coke and look forward to nasty looks from them. I’ve got a lot of research to do on the web, but one needs to be careful because there’s a lot of bad information out there, and gluten free diets are all the rage right now. 

Early Memories

One of my earliest memories is me sitting in some sort of baby blue seat on our kitchen table. Snowball, one of our cats at the time jumped up and touched her wet moist nose to my nose.

Later when I could walk, I walked south down Sheridan Road in Chicago with my Dad and I lost my toy Jeep somewhere along the way near Surf. He was my hero for finding it in the bushes as I cried while he looked for it.

I remember boarding a United Airlines flight and meeting the pilot as I got on the plane. I asked him if we would get to fly inside the clouds and he said “it depends”. I didn’t know want “depends” meant and started wondering about pens and what that had to do with clouds.

My Dad had a small plastic grey airplane that looked about the same size as the jetliners that flew around in the sky. I liked my Dad’s plastic plane and wanted one for myself. I asked him as we were walking by the lagoon in Lincoln Park near Fullerton Ave. if another plane flew out of the sky if I could have it. “Sure”, he said.

One time I remember racing my Mom. She could run so much faster than me and was so tall. We raced on Diversey near the driving range.

Mom also took me to see an eclipse at the Adler Planetarium. I remember walking next to her saying “mom, remember when I couldn’t …”, then I forgot the word “walk” (or hadn’t learned it yet).

I remember my Dad getting me shoes at Jupiter, a store that closed  decades ago on Broadway. 39 years later my Dad would meet the manager of Jupiter in traffic jam. It’s weird how life is.

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